onsdag 4. november 2009

Long time no blogging

Hello Freaks!

It's been a while since I blogged about the Horrorfest movies. As my list grows often, I will give you a little taste of all the series that I have listed so far. I know this works out to be a lot of films, but bear with me. I'll try make it short and informative.
Ok, here we go!

The Evil Dead:

These three films are brilliant; and have gore, funny concept and bad acting. The bad acting fits the films very well. The make-up looks completely fake and the make-up FX seriously suck, but then again, the first film is from 1981 after all. The second film, Dead By Dawn, was seriously fun, I enjoyed this one so so much. Gore, monsters, evil trees and zombies. Can it get much better than that? I think not. Just as the first film the acting and make-up FX was bad, but all the monsters and gore make it worth watching. That and it's super fun.
Evil Dead Army of Darkness is the third and last film in this series, I was disappointed. Little gore and a little bit boring at times but was good fun. But I wanted more, or expected more anyway. The make-up FX was better though.
As I said earlier, they're brilliant all though the last film didn't reach my expectation. The whole thing was bad quality, but that's exactly why it's so fun to watch.

I'll do another review to morrow.

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