torsdag 15. oktober 2009

After Dark Horrorfest



this is a collection of eight films.

Borderline was not very good. It did not live up to the cover at all. as they say, do not judge the book by its cover, this include films. The acting could have been better, but it did not suck. There was little to no gore, the little you got to see was blood on t-shirts or on bandages, and some short scenes now and then, but that was about it. The plot could have worked very well as it is based on true events, I think they maybe could have done something more, the film is just slow and I got bored.
I would put this one under the action sjangra though.

When it comes to Crazy Eights, it start with a good plot, it could have turned out as a pretty good film. It's about a group of six grownups, doing something for some friend who just recently died. But after ten minutes it got all messy. The film starts to go back and fourth in time and in and out of dream and reality. Three of the actors did a good job, they made it believable. the rest of them was not really worth paying any attention to. Any way, if you like good ol' creepy asylums, it's worth seeing. The goryness of the film was not over the top, but I guess it did not need any more. there where one thing that did not suit the film, which I think have been used in too many movies of lately, and i think they should have kept it to the little girl in stead of what they ended with. I Would recommend this movie.

Deaths of Ian Stone is in a way a love story. It starts random with a hokey game. Then it starts jumping in time. the actors were quite ok. It gives you the thinking that you want to watch it. There not that much gore in this film, but allot of torturing, which gives this movie a lift. All in all i liked this one, and would recommend it to the people interested in mystical things.

Now Lake Dead was a seriously crappy film. The acting was horrible, the concept could have worked if had been re-written. Little to no gore. I do not really know what else I can say about it. I'll call this fourteen spook.

Now Mulberry Street was kinda fun. Its about a virus, I am afraid I'll spoil too much if i go on in what happens. It's sort of 28 days later. The acting was not bad at all. A fun film to watch. Go fore it. The rats are coming.

Nightmare Man... Oh god... that was crap. acting was bad, concept could have been cool, but no. I ended sketching monsters in my sketchbook. A cursed mask follows a woman... and that is about it.. really.

Tooth and Nail seemed like a pretty good movie. The concept is that the world has ran out of gas, things just stopped up. Apparently there is no natural way of making energy, wind mills and waterfall should maybe have been thought about, but if I put that away, the movie is fair enough. A deserted world, I love the steampunkishness about this film although the movie was abit slow. The acting part was ok, could have been better, could have been worse. Goriness? There was some nice hatching scenes, and there was blood.

Unearthed could have been a good story, Indian mythology, spooky creatures/monsters... But if it wasn't to alien like, The "monster" in this movie looks like the Alien himself, the same abilities as him even. But, if we put that to the side, the film has a nice visual look. The acting was mjeh, ok I guess. It was a little bit slow at times, but when the action started, it was nice and gory. So if you like Indian myths and creatures. this is the movie for you.

Go a head and comment if you dissagree.

- Jade Horror

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